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The changes in advice around Covid19 are coming thick and fast. This last weekend the government have reduced the Covid19 alert level from 4 to 3 and this is regarded as paving the way for a gradual relaxation of lockdown in England. Today, we hear that pubs, restaurants, hotels and hairdressers can open from 4 July and there is a suggestion of whilst people should remain 2 metres apart where possible a 1 metre+ rule will be introduced. We are also told that shielding will come to an end on 31 July and this will be good news for many but will also create some understandable worries for others. As the lockdown rules start to be relaxed I would ask you all to remain mindful of the risks and continue to follow the now familiar advice to keep a safe social distance, wash our hands regularly and pay particular attention to advice given to individuals in your situation.

Vitamin B12

We have identified those patients who are overdue their regular Vitamin B12 injection. The regular injections have been suspended due to the Covid19 pandemic. I am pleased to report that we are in the process of contacting patients who are due for Vitamin B12 injections and inviting them to attend the Surgery to receive the injection. To minimise risk to staff and patients this injection will be administered while the patient remains in their car. This is much safer and avoids the need to clean the consulting / treatment room after each injection, something which is essential but is extremely time consuming.

How will it work?

On arrival to the car park please telephone reception. A member of staff will inform the Nurse that you are here and Nurse will come to your car and go through the usual checks before administering the injection. Please dress appropriately for this to minimise inconvenience. Obviously, this is a totally new way of doing things and we will monitor closely just how successful it is.


The MHRA has suspended recruitment to all UK trials using Hydroxychloroquine to treat or prevent Covid19.

There is no evidence that Hydroxychloroquine is of use in preventing or treating Covid19. Hydroxychloroquine should therefore not be used for these purposes.

If you are taking Hydroxychloroquine for other treatments then please continue to do so.


This is the method we use to contact patients with general information. We are truly grateful to the many patients who have given us very positive feedback regarding this service. Thank you for the support. We are however , concerned that patients are using the reply facility on this message to order certain services e.g. to request an appointment, repeat prescriptions, asking for blood test results. We are happy to deal with these requests and supply the information but we must ask that you use the appropriate channels. Please do remember that we have a surgery email address which I know many are using to good effect

Child Adolescent & Mental Health Issues

There is an increasing awareness of the mental health problems younger people are experiencing as a result of Covid19 and its wider implications. As a Practice we are responding to young people who contact us for help but the numbers are smaller than we are led to believe is the case nationally. This concerns us since it could be that we are not communicating effectively with his important group. In an attempt to address this we have brought together a list of services which younger people might find more accessible.

  • Healthy Minds Tel: 0300 123 0907 (option 2) or

  • Young Minds have a useful guide regarding Coronavirus and mental health

  • Stem 4 are newcomers and offer advice and a number of topics including eating disorders, anxiety and depression in young people.


The NSPCC also offer help on how to manage and support children with special educational needs and ongoing mental health issues through this difficult time.

Monitoring people with Long Term Conditions

We are mindful that those with long term conditions have now gone for several months without active monitoring. We have detailed plans to rectify this and over the coming weeks we will be contacting patients with the following conditions who we deem to be most at risk;

Diabetes, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Learning Disability.

Because of the difficulty in obtaining blood tests we will be postponing some blood tests which will need doing at some stage in the future. Hopefully, when University Hospital of North Midlands capacity has reached pre-Covid levels we will be able to arrange bloods for those less urgent cases.

Pathology Samples

In order to minimise risk we have now placed a pathology sample box near to the back door. It is clearly marked with a bright yellow Bio Hazard sign. This box is easy to use. Simply lift the lid, place the sample on the shelf and then close the lid. Only labelled pathology samples should be placed in this box. Please continue to post letters through the letter box at the front door and place repeat prescriptions into the repeat prescription box also by the front door.


In line with current advice if you do come to the Surgery you will notice that all members of staff are wearing surgical masks in order to minimise risk to each other. If you are asked to attend the Surgery we would also ask that you wear a mask to minimise risk to staff.

I have every expectation that there will be more guidance regarding easing the lockdown as we progress, and we will endeavour to keep you up to date of relevant changes.

Every good wish to you all.

Stay Safe.







It does seem that things at Baddeley Green Surgery are really changing for the better. Yesterday we did the 6 week baby checks and the relevant childhood immunisations. This weekend Sister Dodd, assisted by Katie, will be working to perform cervical smears on ladies who have had their smear postponed because of the Covid19 pandemic.


Patients who should be shielding

This group of patients who have been deemed most vulnerable, and most at potential risk from the effects of Covid19, have been advised to continue shielding.

There has been some relaxation in the guidance which I know has come as a great relief to many.

In summary the guidance is;

  1. You can now leave your home as long as you maintain the social distance.

  2. If you do go outdoors, this can be with a member of your own household.

  3. If you live alone you can spend time outside with a person from another household. Obviously, it would be preferable that this person should be the same person on every occasion.

  4. You must keep the 2 metre social distance.

I expect the rules will be updated as we progress through this pandemic and we will keep you appraised.


Arranging blood tests/phlebotomy

You will be aware that in order to maintain social distancing and minimise the risk to patients and staff and increase safety, you can no longer simply turn up at one of the phlebotomy centres. Instead you must ring 01782-674242 to arrange a time and place where your blood samples can be taken. We have received a number of calls from patients telling us that the number appears to be engaged most of the time and they cannot get through to make an appointment. The provider of the service is aware of this problem and steps are being taken to ease the flow of phone calls. One of the steps taken to do this is to have the line open on Saturday mornings.


Dental problems

Many will be relieved to learn that dental practices will be opening from 8 June 2020. Please contact your dental practice directly by telephoning them to discuss which treatments will be available. My understanding is that the range of services which will be available will differ from practice to practice.


Test & Trace

Test & Trace is up and running and the information films were being shown on television last night. If you test positive for Covid19 tracers will contact you and the expectation is that you would share information about recent interactions and contacts. Those who have been in close contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid19 will be advised to self –isolate for 14 days.



 I have tried to establish the latest figures for those recently affected by C-19 in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire.  At the time of going to press these were not available, however a statement issued by the CCG this week stated; "The numbers in Stoke-on-Trent are plateauing and should soon start to head in the right direction as is the case elsewhere in areas of Staffordshire”.  We will of course be monitoring the situation. 

Please do continue to follow Government advice and take common sense precautions to protect yourself and those around you, especially those who are vulnerable in our community.

Thank you for your unswerving, and continual support.

Keep safe.

Every good wish to you all







One can almost be forgiven for thinking that the battle against Covid-19 is almost over. The messages coming out of London have an air of optimism, lockdown is gradually easing and the sun is shining. Sadly the situation here in Stoke is different. The number of new cases of Covid-19 remains high, and an email yesterday from the Covid Hot Clinic informs me that there seems to be a new surge in the number of new cases. The fear is this might be indicative of a second wave of the disease.


Whatever the cause, the message remains clear. Covid-19 is still a major threat. Please continue to follow advice, wash your hands, keep your social distance, keep contacts to an absolute minimum. The battle is far from over.


Clinical photographs

We fully understand patient’s reluctance to attend the surgery. In some cases it is essential for us to see an image of the problem. Thanks to Dr Asghar we now have a system whereby you can send us photographic images to help us diagnose the problem.


This is how it works. When you contact us by phone, you may be asked to provide us with photographs. If you agree you will be sent a secure text message, with the option to reply to the message and attach the relevant photographs. The image we get will of course depend on the quality of image sent, but so far the images have been more than adequate for our needs.


The clinician will examine the photographs and advise you accordingly. With your permission the images will then be stored as a permanent record in your medical notes. We have trialled the system and it seems to work really well. We hope you will find it beneficial.


Cervical smears

The taking of cervical smears was suspended several weeks ago when the cervical smear laboratory was given over to processing Covid-19 tests. There is inevitably a considerable backlog (86 ladies at BGS) to date. The good news is we can resume taking smears in the near future. Collections will start at the end of May 2020.


The process of actually taking the smears will be slow, since all smears will be taken by staff wearing PPE, and the obvious need for the room to be thoroughly cleansed between each patient. We are currently planning how this will happen, and we will be writing to the ladies listed as soon as we can sort out the logistics.


Military Veteran’s Service

We have been advised that this service is now suspended until further notice. We have not been informed why the service has been withdrawn.


Data for Pandemic Planning & Research (Covid-19)

We have been instructed to accept an invitation from the calculating quality reporting service to participate in the collection of information. We are advised that this offer must be accepted. The collection of this information is to support vital Covid-19 planning and research. As a practice we have a legal duty to be transparent and provide patients with transparency information under the GDPR about the data we are sharing with NHS digital. You will see from the transparency notice on our website that the details have been updated. GPES data extraction will identify all patients currently registered at Baddeley Green Surgery with a date of death on or after 1 November 2019, whose record contains coded information relevant to pandemic planning and research.


For each patient NHS digital will require the following personal data;

NHS Number



Surname & Forename



Date of Birth

Date of Death


Data will be extracted with associated codes and dates for GP record entries including;

Diagnoses and findings

Medications and other prescribed items

Investigations tests and results

Treatments and outcomes

Vaccinations and immunisations


We hope this is straightforward and self-explanatory. If you have any queries please email the surgery for clarification.

Data Provision Notice


Screening Scam

Public Health England has today alerted us to reports of a possible scam. Some women are being contacted by text message claiming to be from a call and recall service to advise they are overdue for cervical screening. The message asks them to call a mobile number and provide personal details. These messages are not form the NHS cervical screening programme and the action fraud line has been contacted. If you receive messages from Baddeley Green Surgery the message will be addressed to you in name, you will not be asked to ring a mobile number and you will not be asked to divulge any personal information. If you are in any doubt whatsoever please contact reception to seek clarification.


Every good wish to you all. Stay Safe.



Dr. Keith Tattum


27 April 2020


The UK death toll from COVID 19 passed 20,000 this weekend. This is almost as many people as a capacity crowd at Port Vale. It is very sad and sobering news, and it looks set to go even higher.


Requests for Letters:

Understandably we are getting queries regarding the delay in getting hospital letters when patients have had an outpatient appointment. This is obviously causing some anxiety particularly if a new treatment has been suggested, though by the same token it is easy to understand why such letters are not being dictated/typed/dispatched. Unfortunately, we do not have a different way to expedite receiving these letters. UHNM do have a helpline which you as an individual can ring Tel: 01782 676450/676455. Patients have found this helpline useful but again with staff off sick / shielding it might prove difficult for them to facilitate us receiving the letter.


Vitamin B12:

Many people who are due to have their regular Vitamin B12 injections are contacting us to ask what will happen if they are going to miss their regular injection. Mr Ed Upton, Pharmacist, will be contacting every patient who is due to have a B12 injection to offer advice from the British Society of Haematology regarding interim measures dependent upon the exact nature and type of B12 deficiency. Ed tells me that he hopes to have contacted everybody in Baddeley Green Surgery who requires Vitamin B12 by the second week in May.


Dementia and the Pandemic:

Inevitably the Pandemic is causing anxiety in all sectors of our community. It does however seem that those with Dementia appear to be disproportionately affected. The Alzheimer’s Society has opened a helpline Tel: 0333 150 3456. Dementia Connect, as the service is known, offers personalised dementia support and advice free of charge. Support is available to anyone who is affected by Dementia including family members, carers, friends as well as the individual. We have worked with Dementia Connect on different projects in the past and our experience is that they offer practical down to earth advice.


Frauds & Scams:

It is a sad reflection of our society that the Pandemic is creating an ideal environment for those in our society who wish to exploit the vulnerable and perhaps not so vulnerable. Law enforcement agencies and government are working together to encourage us to be more vigilant as criminals seek to capitalise on the fears and anxieties of COVID 19. There is some common sense advice available at the following websites;

These websites offer a range of advice to prevent being a victim but also advice regarding what actions to take if you do become a victim.


Thank you:

Our calls for help in obtaining PPE produced an overwhelming response. To those who contacted us with the contact details of manufacturers, to those who delivered bags of visors (Stoke Sixth Form College), goggles (Excel Academy), and masks we can only say a massive thank you. The precarious supply of adequate quality PPE remains a continual worry but we are monitoring it every day.

Could I also thank each and every one of you for the continued good wishes you send to us on a daily basis. It helps.

Keep Safe.

Every good wish to you all.





6 April 2020

The number of reported COVID19 cases in our community is increasing. Locally we have sadly had patients succumb to the COVID19 virus. Our deepest and sincere condolences go to the family and friends. We hear of cases where the relatives have not had the comfort of partaking in the normal goodbye rituals. It is hard to imagine how painful and difficult this must be.



We continue to keep face to face consultations to an absolute minimum for obvious reasons. We are increasingly reliant on telephone consultations and video consultations whenever possible. Recent recommendations for face to face consultations demand that all patients who attend, or their carers, must wear a suitable face mask (BSEN 14683:2019) and that it must be fitted properly prior to entering into the isolation unit or the Surgery. The mask must remain in place throughout the time in the Surgery and then must be removed and disposed of following current guidelines.

The same guidelines now insist that all clinicians undertaking a face to face consultation must wear specified goggles/eye shields/face visors (BSEN 166:2002). These reduce the risk of infection. As yet we have not been supplied with goggles, we have however purchased goggles from an outside agency but sadly these do not comply with the specification required for use in a face to face consultation. We have ordered equipment from Amazon of the correct specification and type but we are told these will not be available until May. We have contacted all the recommended private suppliers to no avail and we have contacted the numbers which have been given to us in order to arrange urgent supplies. So far to date no-one has the equipment which meets the required specification. We will keep trying to get this equipment and will keep you appraised. If you know of a supplier who might have the correct equipment for sale please let us know (


An unwell child always causes parents understandable stress and worry.  In these very difficult and unprecedented times the normal worries you would have are complicated by the presence in our community of Covid-19.  You need to know that Covid-19 is unlikely to make your child unwell, but they, like anyone else, might be infectious, so staying at home even when well remains the main message. 

Even though Covid-19 is at the forefront of our thoughts it is really important for you to realise that children still contract and experience all the usual illnesses which can make a child unwell.  The danger in this is that you may be tempted to delay seeking medical attention thinking that a child has Covid-19 when in reality it might be another condition causing the child to be unwell.  GPs and hospitals are still providing the same level of safe care they have always done for children.  If you are not sure if your child is unwell, and are trying to decide whether they need to be seen please click , call 111 or go online or contact us for advice.  If your child appears severely unwell, and you feel the child is deteriorating and professional advice is not quickly available call 999, or take them directly to the emergency department as you would normally.  In other words 'If in doubt, shout!'.  Yes we are all busy, but a sick child will always be given medical priority.


We did a vaccinations and immunisation baby clinic last week and were planning to do the same this week. It worked very well. We planned to advise mum/dad/carer when attending with the child to wear a mask as outlined above. Clearly, it is not practical to place a mask on a young baby. The regulation regarding eye shields/face visors as outlined above now prohibits us from carrying out the planned baby clinic this week. Needless to say we are finding this lack of equipment extremely frustrating but we do feel we are duty bound to follow the current guidance and regulations in order to ensure the safety of staff, you the patients and our community.



We can now email a Med3 fit note to you, thanks to Dr Asghar for sorting this out. It is a complex and tedious procedure but once again minimises the risk of cross infection.

Dr Asghar has this last weekend been looking at ways to send requests for investigations e.g. blood forms by email. This is proving to be difficult but he has told me within the last hour that he thinks there may be a way of doing this. In the meantime we will continue to post blood forms to you.



If a clinician decides that you require a blood test please call 01782 674242 to arrange an appointment at any of the following locations;

Bradwell Hospital, Cobridge Clinic, Meir Primary Care Centre (8am – 4.30pm Monday – Friday)

Leek Moorlands Hospital, Bentilee Health Centre (8am – 12.30pm Monday-Friday)

Clearly, the aim is to avoid crowds gathering in the waiting room and thereby increasing the risk of cross infection.



To date patients have been given an x-ray form and then attended one of the X-ray Centres. Most of our patients attend either Leek Moorlands Hospital or Cobridge Clinic. Henceforth you will not be sent an x-ray request form, your Doctor will send an email to the Imaging Department and then you will be informed that you need to ring the Imaging Department to arrange an x-ray ( 01782 679285). Again the thinking behind this is to avoid a crowded waiting room.



Video consultations are up and running, again we have to thank Dr Asghar for sorting this out. I have been the guinea pig for this service and it does seem to work quite well. Near the time of the appointment a clinician will send you a message which reads “Dear (your name) I am ready to start our consultation via video please enable audio and video. Check the link below to join and wait for me to connect. Thanks Dr…” When you receive the call your screen will become split – one image will be the clinician and the other an image of yourself. Of course, we would prefer to do all consultations face to face but for the time being this might help some patients and at the same time minimise the risk of infection. If you do use the video consultations please give us feedback regarding the experience. This is brand new territory for us and I guess we are all learning these new technologies together.



We continue to see an increasing number of problems with patient’s mental health. This comes as no surprise.

If you are experiencing problems might I suggest one of the following who you can contact directly;

Healthy Minds Network Tel: 0300 123 0907 (option 2)

Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline Tel: 0808 800 2234

We are becoming aware of other problems in our community. Several patients have expressed concern regarding an increased and excessive use of alcohol. If you feel you need help to control, reduce or stop using alcohol please contact Stoke on Trent Alcohol & Drug Service Tel: 01782 283113. This service provides useful, practical and non-judgemental support and information.



The incidents of domestic violence seems to be on the increase. If you feel that you or any of your family is in danger then you must ring 999 without delay. The Police will deal with the matter. Organisations which can offer you advice and support Refuge Tel: 0808 2000 247.



After an initial period of confusion regarding hospital referrals there has now evolved a clear and simple system. This is known as the RAS system and the rules of engagement are quite specific. You will no longer, as has previously been the case for many years when you are referred by a GP, be asked to come to the Surgery to collect your paperwork. You will not be asked to ring a number to arrange an appointment. I will paraphrase the harsh details of the service;

  1. All referrals are to be sent via the RAS services and the patient will need to be informed that there is a prolonged wait for these services.

  2. No paperwork is to be issued to these patients thus removing the expectation of being given an appointment (as an appointment will only be given if triaged as urgent).

  3. Referrals will be triaged by a CCG clinician who will identify the priority.

  4. Referrals identified as urgent will be sent to UHNM by choice and referral and the patient informed.

  5. Referrals identified as routine will be held by choice & referral until services are reopened by UHNM.

  6. Should the patient’s condition worsen the patient must inform the GP.



On Good Friday and Easter Monday the Surgery will be open but running a skeleton staff. It will be a “new normal working day”. The Surgery will be open but there will continue to be restricted access. We will try to deal with telephone queries and emails as quickly and efficiently as we can.



I am very grateful indeed to the huge numbers of patients who now use emails for non-urgent enquiries. The response to the request to use this rather than telephoning has been tremendous (

Easter this year will undoubtedly be a strange affair given that the lockdown is set to continue over the holiday. I would just reiterate what you have heard a thousand times already, fundamentally isolate yourself as much as you can, keep your distance, and wash your hands regularly.

Peace to you all and every good wish.




Baddeley Green Surgery Update


The lockdown continues as predicted. The number of people succumbing to the Coronavirus COVID19 internationally is growing and looks set to continue to increase. To date we have had no patient or staff member tested positive for Coronavirus.



The current situation is causing many to experience mental health problems. The continual bombardment with bad news stories, along with social isolation and boredom are all taking their toll.

Locally there is support to be had from Healthy Minds Network on Tel: 0300 123 0907 (option 2) or Staffs Mental Health Helpline 0808 800 2234. Remember if you are under the care of Greenfield Centre you can contact them directly to speak to the Duty Professional Tel: 0300 7900 236.



Restricted access to the Surgery will remain in place for the foreseeable future. All calls to the Surgery will be triaged by reception. A clinician is now stationed in reception throughout surgery hours. This allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to any problems or queries which arise. If the triaging clinician is of the opinion that you or your child need to be examined you will be invited to come to the Surgery. If you arrive by car, please ring reception to let us know you are here, you will then be invited through to a clinical room or the isolation unit in the portable building depending on the symptoms. To minimise the risk of cross infection we ask that any child is accompanied by 1 adult, please leave prams/pushchairs outside of the Surgery. To date this system seems to be working well.



I am glad to report that many more patients are using the email address for non-urgent queries Please do use this email whenever you can as it does help to relieve pressure on the telephone system, and allows us to deal more effectively with medical emergencies.



We were aiming to start childhood immunisations last week but due to staff shortages we were unable to do so. We are planning to restart childhood immunisations this week and parents will be contacted to arrange a time and date. If you feel that your child should have been called for immunisations and has not been then please email us giving the child’s details.


We still have significant problems with staffing, both clinical and administrative, who are self-isolating or caring for others. The receptionists have had to cover colleagues, learn new ways of working and do extra shifts. They have risen to the challenge, and we are not only impressed by them, but also extremely grateful. Quite simply, without them, we could not function.



During the course of a normal week we process and complete multiple forms, most of which are long and complex regarding patients’ applications for insurance, mortgages, loans or for matters relating to employment/fostering/adoption. We do understand that these forms are important. The secretary is receiving a large number of calls requesting urgent completion of these forms. We have written to the companies involved explaining that whist these forms are important, they are not urgent and our priority is delivering safe primary care to our patients. We do promise to complete the forms as soon as we can.



The move from paper prescriptions (FP10s) to electronic prescriptions is now nearing completion, and almost every patient has nominated a pharmacist. If you have not nominated a pharmacist then please ask your regular pharmacist to be the nominated pharmacist for you. To make your life easier (and ours) you can apply to us to have the option to order your prescription online. This is a simple procedure and popular with those who use it. To register please email us and we will do the rest.



It was our very firm intention that patients would be able to book 50% of all appointments online by Easter this year. For obvious reasons this service is now withdrawn until further notice.



The Baddeley Green Surgery website is now receiving almost 8,000 hits per month. The working assumption is that people are finding the information contained on the website useful. If you can think of any other features you would like us to add to the website to make it more user friendly or more useful then please email and let us know.



Anthony Munday informs me that leaflet drop has taken place over large areas of Baddeley Green and Stockton Brook informing patients of this important service. If you, or if you know of anyone, who might benefit from this service please, contact Anthony Munday - Tel: 07743 876421 Email:



Cervical smearsthe laboratory which was used to process cervical smears has now been given over to dealing with the Coronavirus epidemic. Hence the processing of all cervical smears has ceased for the foreseeable future.

Pill checkswe are now advised by the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologist Faculty of Reproductive Medicine that we are able to give additional prescriptions for the pill for up to 6 months without seeing the patient. If you could provide us with a reading of your blood pressure and your current weight when requesting this medication by email this would be of enormous help to us.

Zoladex injectionswe are mindful that the due date for reinsertion of Zoladex injection is coming around for some patients. We hope to be able to start administering these injections next week, providing of course that we have the staff.



We have been advised that the search to identify the group of patients who will be regarded at high risk of contracting severe illness from COVID19 virus has been delayed nationally. I cannot tell you why it has been delayed.

If you think you fall into a high risk category ( then you must follow the guidance by the government to protect by;

  1. Not leaving your home

  2. Staying at least 2 metres away from other people in your household

We are receiving a lot of phone calls regarding this matter but we are completely in the hands of the organisation who are arranging this search. We have not been able to access any additional information.


Times are tough and look set to get tougher. We continue to make the safety of you, our patients, and our staff our main priority. We are grateful for the forbearance and level of understanding shown to us and the words of encouragement . It helps. As I say to my children, nothing lasts forever.

Every good wish to you all.




Anthony Munday has created a group of volunteers to help those in our community who might need some help and support with everyday tasks. 

The details are below. Please spread the word, especially to those who might find the service useful. 




Do you or someone you know need support during the coronavirus outbreak?


If so we've got a team of more than 30 trusted volunteers who can help with the following tasks:






Please contact Anthony Munday - Tel: 07743 876421 Email:

High Risk Patients

Please be advised the searches to identify the final group of patients at high-risk of severe illness from COVID-19 have been delayed nationally.

If you think you fall into the 'high-risk' category, then we recommend you follow the guidance issued by the government to protect yourself.

  • Not leaving your home
  • Staying at least 2m away from other people in your house

Please do not raise a query regarding this with a member of the team.  We are receiving a high volume of calls and must prioritise those patients who are unwell and need medical assistance. 

Baddeley Green Surgery Update – 23.3.2020

The aim of this webpage update is to keep you fully appraised of recent events at Baddeley Green Surgery and explain how this affects the service we provide to you. As always our prime concern is the safety of our patients and our staff.

  1. Triaging

    Last week we have radically changed the way the system works. There is now a clinician allocated to work alongside the receptionist to triage patients. So far this seems to have worked well. We have been dealing with over 500 calls per day and managing to deal with most queries over the telephone. We plan to continue with this triaging system for the foreseeable future.

  2. Suspected Corona Virus

    Please remember if you have a cough, high temperature or flu like symptoms contact 111 either online at or by dialling 111. Please do not go to a pharmacy, hospital or attend a GP Surgery.

  3. Non-Essential Services

    In order to minimise the risk of cross infection we have in accordance with government guidelines suspended non –essential services however, we are planning to reintroduce important services such as childhood immunisations as soon as we can. We are aware that the delay in immunising children is causing parents some understandable anxiety. We will contact parents when we know how we are going to arrange this in detail. Prior to attending for the immunisations you will be asked a series of screening questions. We will also ask that only 1 parent comes with the child. You will probably be asked to wait in the car on the car park until you can be admitted into the Surgery. The aim is to have 1 child 1 parent at a time in the Surgery to minimise the risk of cross infection. As soon as we know more detail we will contact you.

  4. Staff

    No member of staff at Baddeley Green Surgery has tested positive for Corona Virus. Our staff are taking a very sensible approach to the risk of cross infection and several members of staff are self isolating because of pre-existing conditions or a household member being unwell. This is a very fluid situation and is changing day-by-day. We have formed contingency plans with other member Practices of the Whitfield Primary Care Group. It is our firm intention to ensure you are provided with continuing Primary Care Services during this pandemic.

  5. Prescriptions

    We are no longer issuing paper prescriptions (FP10), all prescriptions will now be issued electronically (EPS). If you have not already done so please nominate a pharmacist to receive your prescriptions. You can nominate a pharmacist by contacting the pharmacist by telephone to ask that they be your nominated pharmacist.

  6. Self Isolation Certificates

    You can issue a self-isolation certificate to give to your employer. Please follow this link Get an isolation note There is no need for any documentation from a GP in cases of self isolation.

  7. Mobile Numbers

    We are increasingly relying on text messaging to keep you informed of results, appointments and announcements. We are mindful that a small proportion of our patients do not have mobile phones and we would therefore respectfully ask that those of you who do keep the ones who are less technically savvy appraised of current information regarding the service we provide.

  8. Email Queries

    Inevitably getting through to the Surgery by telephone is and will remain difficult given the huge increase in numbers contacting us. If your query is of a non-urgent nature might I suggest you send an email to We aim to answer your email within 2 working days. Please do not use the email to request visits or for any medical emergency.

  9. Anxiety and Worry About the Pandemic and Coping with Isolation

    There is no escaping the fact that for many these are worrying times and we are already seeing patients who are struggling with anxiety and are worried. The World Health Organisation has recommended that you keep to the facts. A good source for objective facts is NHS website. If you feel that you need help with worry or anxiety then there are 2 numbers you might wish to contact – Healthy Minds Network 0300 123 0907 (option 2) or Staffs Mental Health Helpline 0808 800 2234.

            Please use the following link for further information on mental health and wellbeing during this time.

  1. Cervical Smears

    We have been advised to temporarily suspend all routine cervical smears. As of today no new cervical smears will be collected and transported to the hospital. If you are due for a smear we will contact you when the situation resolves and we are advised to resume taking smears.

Finally, I wish to reiterate that our first and prime concern is the safety of you, our patients, and our staff. The level of support and understanding we have seen is nothing short of remarkable and for this all of us are immensely grateful. Please rest assured that we are doing our absolute best and everything within our power to get through this crisis as smoothly and safely as possible.

Every good wish to you all.



Baddeley Green Surgery Announcement .

Emergency measures 14.03.2020.

Because of the current Corona virus Pandemic we need to change the way we operate the service we provide. We do not know at this stage for how long these changes will be in place.
Please be assured that our primary concern is for the safety of all our patients, and staff, at all times.
We need to reduce to an absolute minimum the number of patients coming to the practice.
If you think you may have Corona Virus infection log into or ring 111.
They will tell you what to do next.
If you have an urgent medical problem other than respiratory infection please ring the surgery. Your call will be triaged and you will be advised accordingly.
Please do not come to the surgery. The door will be closed and you will not be able to gain access. 
All routine procedures, annual checks, baby checks, baby immunisations, postnatal checks, travel vaccinations, minor surgery, coil fittings, contraceptive implants, etc. have been suspended until further notice.
We will endeavour to keep you up to date at all times.
Please share this message with others who might not have access to modern technology.
Every good wish to you all.
Dr. Keith Tattum
BA(Special Hons), MB,ChB, FRCGP, DRCOG, DFFP, Cert EW.

Get an isolation note

Use this service if you have to stay at home because of coronavirus and you need a note for your employer.

Before using this service, make sure you have checked the coronavirus advice on the NHS website.

If you have to stay at home but feel well enough to work, ask your employer if you can work from home. If you can work from home, you will not need an isolation note.

You can also use this service for someone else.

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Before you start

If you are not sure if you need to stay at home, get the latest NHS advice on coronavirus.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Advice in your region:

England | Scotland | Wales | Northern Ireland | Ireland

The NHS and Public Health England (PHE) are extremely well prepared for outbreaks of new infectious diseases. The NHS has put in place measures to ensure the safety of all patients and NHS staff while also ensuring services are available to the public as normal.

Stay at home if you have coronavirus symptoms

Stay at home if you have either:

  • a high temperature – this means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back (you do not need to measure your temperature)
  • a new, continuous cough – this means coughing a lot for more than an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual)

Do not go to a GP surgery, pharmacy or hospital.

Use the 111 coronavirus service

Only call 111 if you cannot get help online.

How long to stay at home

  • if you have symptoms of coronavirus, you'll need to stay at home for 7 days
  • if you live with someone who has symptoms, you'll need to stay at home for 14 days from the day the first person in the home started having symptoms

If you live with someone who is 70 or over, has a long-term condition, is pregnant or has a weakened immune system, try to find somewhere else for them to stay for 14 days.

If you have to stay at home together, try to keep away from each other as much as possible

Read the advice about staying at home.

For information on:


Extended Primary Care Service

If all appointments at the surgery have been taken, or if its more convenient for you to see a GP, Practice Nurse, or Health Care Support Worker out of hours or at weekends it may be possible to arrange a pre-bookable appointment on your behalf with the Extended Primary Care Service. The service is there for you so you can book for routine things such as cervical smear, pill check, any long term condition annual review e.g.. asthma, COPD, diabetes. suture removal. The medical and nursing staff will have full access to your medical notes, so they will know your history. They will record the consultation, finding and actions in the notes, and we will be able to see at BGS the next day. 

Saturday Opening

We would like to advise our patients that we are now able to provide appointments on Saturday mornings.  The surgeries are being delivered by our local Network of practices (Orchard Surgery, Millrise Medical Practice and Baddeley Green Surgery) as part of a new government initiative.  The location of the appointment will rotate between the practices so you may be offered an appointment at any of the 3 surgery premises. We are able to offer a range of appointments types as the sessions will be staffed by a combination of GP’s, Practice Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Health Care Assistants.  The staff working may not always be your regular GP or Nurse, however they are all local to the area. This is part of a  new way of working for practices and we hope that our patients will benefit from these additional appointments. Thank you

Our guiding principles for providing care, is a service which is SAFE-C.


Safe; people are protected from avoidable harm and abuse.this 

Accessible; services are organised to be available when people need them (responsive).

For the patients; patients are the reason we are here. We are here to help patients (advocate) and to help patients help themselves (enabling).

Effective; the care, treatment and support achieve good outcomes, and are evidence based.

Caring; we treat people with kindness, compassion, empathy, dignity & respect.

Please tell us if you are a Carer.  

Who is a Carer? It is someone of any age, who provides unpaid support to a family member or friend who could not manage without this help. 

Why do we need to know? Our services are designed with you and your needs as a Carer in mind.  For example we can offer you telephone appointments if your caring responsibilities mean you cannot leave the person you care for at home.  Flexibility on appointment times where possible, information about local carers support services and an annual Health Check and flu jab.  

The practice carers lead is Theresa Barnett (Receptionist). Please contact Theresa if you have any queries about our support for carers.  She will be happy to help and will treat the conversation in the strictest confidence. 


Feeling under the weather? Please help our NHS to use resources sensibly and always choose self care and pharmacy first for the treatment of common health conditions.

What are the benefits of using pharmacies?

- It prevents unnecessary GP appointments for common conditions.

- Access to pharmacies is easier and sometimes quicker than waiting for a GP appointment.

- Pharmacies are open out of hours, like late nights and at the weekend, which is convenient for people who work or when the GP practice is closed.

Please click on the link below for further information:


Please look under the news heading to see the latest developments @ BGS

National computer issues

Due to intermittent failure of many NHS computer systems nationally we want to ensure that all investigations/referrals have been enacted appropriately. If you feel you haven’t heard from us regarding an investigation/referral we were arranging for you please contact us.  We apologise for any disruption you may have encountered.

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